June 12, 2021

Grew up with the rise of social media and was definitely more engaged at some point, but now I’m a lurker 🤔. Good or bad?

February 02, 2021

Ruby for Good is awesome and I highly recommend for anyone looking to get involved in open source projects! Here’s a list of their volunteer-driven projects!

Reflecting on my experience in the past few months:

Things I appreciate:

  • Friendly slack community of Rubyists
  • Beginner friendly labels on project issues
  • Well-documented README to allow anyone to contribute
  • Weekly office hours for questions! (might depend on the project).

January 08, 2021

“a programmer who writes clean code is an artist who can take a blank screen through a series of transformations until it is an elegantly coded system.” - Robert C. Martin, Clean Code

December 16, 2020

Moved to a 2 br and have my own kitchen for the first time ever! What a luxury! In 2020, I didn’t bake much bread, which is sort of unusual for 2020. But, maybe its time for me to bake more bread again. baketeito

November 29, 2020

Today, I stopped by Green Apple Bookstore. I picked up a book called, “Wasting Time on the Internet” by Kenneth Goldsmith.

In the book, Goldsmith argues that the internet is actually making us smarter, more creative, and more productive. He talks about how we’re reading more than ever. He calls Facebook the greatest collective autobiography, which I can’t argue with.

A very interesting perspective.

November 22, 2020

Some Rails-y things I’ve learned recently.

  • Rails routes are VERY customizable. If you need your route to look a certain way, you can probably make it happen. Rails has SO MANY different customizations available. The answer is in the guide somewhere.
  • Rails has a bunch of form helper methods available that eliminate the need for manual name assignments. Recently I learned about fields_for. I also learned that with form_with, you can set a scope that lets you prefix the name with the set scope.

November 14, 2020

With COVID and being quarantined, I think it’s easy to feel like my world is really small — like it’s just the confines of my room and my laptop and what I do at work. A few weeks ago, I happened across an email for a virtual talk hosted by Jacobs. I’d forgotten I was even on the mailing list. It sounded interesting and was public so I decided to check it out. The talk turned out awesome (so much so I wrote about in my most recent blog). I was impressed with how smoothly it was facilitated despite it being virtual…There’s probably a bunch of talks that are more accessible now in a virtual world! I need to keep my eyes out for more virtual events like this, and take them as opportunities to expand my world in these COVID times.

Also, most meetups around the world hosting virtual events are probably game?!

November 06, 2020

I discovered the marquee element. p cool I discovered the marquee element. p cool

note: it’s deprecated and should be avoided… 💩

November 02, 2020

getting back into javascript world more recently, the 1 million ways to write things + browser support differences is jarring! 👀 time to get comfortably uncomfortable…

November 01, 2020

how did I not know about <details/>!? It’s amazing.

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